About Us

We are Iva and Mirek Zezulkas, who have been for years taking care of and expanding our ranch in the heart of the Beskids mountains. We have been breeding American Quarter Horses already since 1995, so one could say that a small herd of cattle was just a matter of time. For the first twenty years, we had been breeding Charolais. Yet after the long search across Europe for a new potential breed, we finally decided to exchanged Charolais for Dexter in 2014. Since then our direct experience with the Dexter breed absolutely exceeded all our expectations. Dexters have simply gotten under our skin. Our breeding programme therefore mostly on them now.

We practice a year-round pasture breeding programme on 38 hectares of pastures. Our long-term breeding vision is to cultivate hornless Dexters. Although the long, forward-looking horns are undoubtedly beautiful, they can be quite dangerous, despite that the breed is very friendly. All the calves born in our farm are therefore genetically hornless. Together with "hornlessness", we also nurture the nobleness of facial expression, the red colour (or at least the "red factor") and the medium or larger body size according to the standards. From character traits, we cultivate intelligence, friendliness, manoeuvrability, and we prefer cows with high maternal instincts.

We believe that once you get to know the breed, you will love them (or their meat at least) us much as we do!

Our membership:

Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic

Czech Beef Breeders Association - member of Dexter studbook

Dexter Breed Breeders Club